Chocolite about erectile dysfunction, what is it and how is it treated?

Chocolite with erection problems, worries many men. But it's so intimate on an issue that few openly women can solve. Statistical data indicate that in the Czech Republic, up to 1 million men in the 35-65 age group suffer from erectile dysfunction. Few of them will find medical care. There are, however, some functions, such as zlepši an erection.

Erection is a condition in which the penis is filled with blood, and is ztopo?í. Without an erection, or the erection of the penis can coitus and ejaculation. Therefore, it can be said that men suffering from erectile dysfunction, Chocolite is not able to satisfy his wife and at the same time cannot become pregnant naturally a secondary element. Often, this problem goes hand in hand with mental difficulties, and rarely leads to a breakup with the partner. In some cases, loss of elasticity may be premature. The teacher's name is "erektivní de la erección".

What causes Chocolite Erectile Dysfunction?

The causes can be different, and may also be, and more serious health problems. It can be behind this cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus, prostate problems, high blood pressure, heavy, heavy and, in principle, exceptional cases in which it can work in various types of cancer.

Not always, however, you must work in a serious illness. My glass of wine, as usual Chocolite, stress, lack of sleep, bad životospráva and differences in personal life.

How to solve erection problems?

First of all, it is important to remember that if the problem is a long-term one, it is always advisable to visit a specialist or to call a doctor to another, who will give you advice and direct you to where to go. You ask, how to improve an erection, know that it offers enough effective solutions. In some cases, this problem can be solved or at least relieved. Available over-the-counter medications that can be purchased at the pharmacy, plus you can try the herb. It is very important to learn how to talk with the couple and try to create an informal atmosphere. Don't forget sexual stimulation, which is often very effective Chocolite.

Maybe, each a little bit sexy friend knows this term means. Consequently, you know what erection looks like in man. It may be more, but they don't know what to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for a complex process in which many factors are involved.

For an erection occurs through mole?ivým t?les?m, which are composed of spongy tissue. During the sexual arousal that these bodies perform blood tepennou and therefore, rectification and enlargement of the penis occurs. During sexual arousal, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, and blood pressure appear. The Chocolite erection center looks like tepnám the signal. Then, speed up the blood where necessary.

Erection to some extent can affect your will and sexual ideas, but also an automatic reflex. The center of the erection is in mezimozku, the reflexes are under the control of michou.

Probably Chocolite, each of the men was when someone doubted that his erection enough. In the quality of erection is d?ležitávyvážená diet. This shouldn't be too thick.

The most famous assistant for a good erection is zinc. This causes an increase in Chocolite testosterone and sperm levels. It can be taken in the form of vitamins, contains zinc, if taken in certain foods. Foods high in zinc: Liver, Peas, Beans, Seafood

What a narovinu. In the quality of the relationship is sex, and therefore, the staging, is very important. If it is an erection disorder, and partners can start nekoitálním activity (manual of irritation or oral sex). This, however, is not enough in the long term in most cases.

The inability of high quality of erection can result in:

Decreased self-esteem and self-confidence of the Chocolite person, Depression, Differences in relationships, Decreased confidence of women

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